About the Kensington Research & Recovery Property Tax Protest Service for Houston & Harris County

Over 20,000 Happy Clients

Houston & Harris County Property Tax Protest Service

The Harris County property tax system is very complex. It’s difficult for homeowners to protest their own taxes. Kensington has won over 35,000 residential and commercial property property tax protests, saving homeowners millions of dollars in property taxes due to inequitable over assessments.

Property taxes are likely your second highest household expense after your mortgage. And if you’re paying too much in property taxes, you’re undermining the investment you’ve made in your home.

That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of your right to demand that county officials get your assessment right. With 1.7 million homes in Harris County, it’s a given that the initial assessment on some of those houses is too high. No government property tax assessment system can get it right every time and Harris County homeowners pay too much in property taxes by hundreds or thousands – sometimes tens of thousands – every year. That’s why it’s your right to protest your assessment and our property tax advocates have the right experience to fight for you.

Fill out this form by April 15 so we can arrange for your protest to be filed by the May 15 deadline.

How Kensington Property Tax Protests Work

    • Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to discuss your protest options: there’s only one deadline per year of May 15 so contact us as soon as possible to find out how we may be able to help you
    • We arrange for your protest to be filed: we prepare the paperwork and make sure your protest is filed on time
    • Your case is presented at a hearing: we arrange for local representation on your behalf at the hearing(s) to negotiate for the highest possible property tax reduction allowable by law
    • If you win the protest you save money: and your property tax reduction can reach thousands of dollars each year over several years while you pay only a percentage of the first year’s savings if your protest is successful – our clients win more than 90% of the time and pay no court costs, appraisals or legal fees

Your property tax reduction will be applied to your next property tax bill – it is not a refund on this year’s bill.

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