About Us

Kensington Research & Recovery is a company that helps homeowners, businesses and organizations in three ways:

Protecting the value of your most important investments can be a tedious job. Making sure that you are not paying more than you should in property taxes or interest payments or recovering over-payments can require detailed research and complicated submission processes under strict deadlines. There is never a guarantee that your efforts will bring a successful outcome. The Kensington team has decades of experience helping clients with these efforts and we guarantee that we will make our best efforts on your behalf.

What’s Behind the Name “Kensington”?

Founders E.J. Dal Bello and his wife, Nella, both grew up on the Southside of Chicago on Kensington Avenue. At the time, this neighborhood exuded culture, family and community. It was here that EJ and Nella developed the values they would later bring to their business, Kensington Research & Recovery, Inc.

E.J., Nella, and their eldest son, Frank, structured their family business to be dedicated to giving back to the community. Each holiday season, the family travels to the Southside Chicago neighborhood as a reminder of where they came from. It was these trips that helped develop the commitment to our clients.

What’s Behind the Kensington Logo?

When you think of the word “Kensington,” what often comes to mind is the wealthy and historic neighborhood in London. Searching for images with the term “Kensington” brings up lavish residential estates, majestic government buildings and the Kensington Palace with its ornate black and gold gates surrounding the building.

We created our “Gate Opening K” logo design for two reasons:

  1. We deal heavily in real estate matters, and a gate is a symbol that represents that market.
  2. More importantly, with over a decade of helping thousands of clients cut through government red tape, the concept of “opening gates” seems a particularly fitting metaphor for the work we do: we open doors where others have failed. We hand our clients the keys and help them unlock difficult and seemingly impossible situations. We fight to take clients beyond the foreboding government gates. They are no longer stuck on the outside looking in.

That’s what Kensington means to us and is why the logo is designed as it is.

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