Government Refund Testimonials

Since 1999, we at Kensington Research & Recovery have reclaimed millions of dollars in government refunds for thousands of people just like you. We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and you can learn more about our executive team here.

If you’ve been contacted by our team, read our refund testimonials below to see what we can do for you. If you have not been contacted by Kensington, click here to learn more about our property tax appeal service and how you may be able to save money if you haven’t yet appealed this year.

“Our check arrived last Friday, 8/16/13. I want to THANK YOU and all the people involved at your firm for their efforts to retrieve this refund. It has truly been a pleasure working with you. Everything was handled very professionally, courteously and consistently. I really enjoyed the email updates. I would certainly recommend your company to anyone who has any doubts in their mind about your goals and intentions. Again, I Thank You Very, Very much!”
– AG

“Thanks for working on my refund recovery case. I will surely put the money to good use!”
– MAR (February 4, 2013)

“Working with Kensington was a breath of fresh air. They were honest, forthright and offered impeccable communication throughout the process. I would definitely work with them again.”
– Laurel, Mundelein, IL

“My experience with Kensington Research and Recovery was delightful. They effectively cleared any confusion I may have had around my case and communicated well throughout the process. If Kensington Research and Recovery contacted me in the future I would gladly work with them again.”
– Elton, Chicago, IL

“The entire process was exceptional. My contact at Kensington was courteous, respectful, polite, and above all, knowledgeable. If Kensington called me tomorrow I would work with them again, no questions asked.”
– Kathy, Chicago, IL

“Kensington Research and Recovery was quite professional throughout my experience in working with them. I would gladly work with them again, as they have brought a valuable service to me in the past.”
– Mark, Matteson, IL

“The people at Kensington Research and Recovery were very forthcoming and diligent communicators. They took it upon themselves to ensure that I was fully aware of all stages of the process. I would gladly welcome any future services they could offer myself, or my business in the future.”
– Steve, Evanston, IL


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