Property Tax Appeal Service: Commercial

Have You Appealed Before?

Property Tax Appeal | Commercial & Industrial | Kensington Research & RecoveryIf you own a multi-family apartment, high-rise, office building, factory, or other commercial/industrial property and haven’t appealed your property taxes this year, or ever, you’re likely overpaying the government by thousands or tens of thousands of dollars – especially if you’re experiencing low occupancy rates. We can help.

Over 10,000 Happy Clients

Kensington has helped save over 10,000 residential and commercial property owners millions of dollars in property taxes due to inequitable over assessments.

Quick, Easy & Savings

Our clients find our process of appealing government charges to be quick, easy and cost-effective. Our deeply experienced staff takes great pride in fighting the government on your behalf.

No Up-Front Fees

The best part: our experts operate on a contingency basis. That means you pay nothing up front. We only charge a percentage of the savings recouped if our appeal is successful, so there is no risk to you no matter how long we work on a case or how difficult it may be.

Kensington vs. Competition

Kensington has developed a system for analyzing properties which makes use of the latest technology in order to obtain the most favorable results for its clients. As our client testimonials suggest, Kensington provides a superior level of customer service to its clients.

Commercial Property Types Represented

We’ve reduced future payments on the following commercial and industrial property types:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Mixed use residential/retail
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses

For a specific examples, take a look at our success stories…


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