Property Tax Appeal FAQ

Why should I appeal?

If we contacted you, then we have a reason to believe your property is over assessed. Whether you hire us to appeal on your behalf or not, we feel strongly about informing you that we believe you are over assessed and encourage you to do something about it.

Where should I appeal?

  • Taxpayers in Illinois have the right to appeal in the following forums: Assessor, Board of Review, Property Tax Appeal Board, and the Circuit Court

How should I appeal?

  • Common appeal argument types include: Lack of Uniformity, Market, Recent Purchase, and Income
  • A thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding the property’s assessed value is needed to determine the most appropriate appeal method

What will an appeal do for me?

  • If successful an appeal will reduce your assessed value and save you money on your future property tax bill(s)

If I use Kensington how much will this appeal cost?

  • Our fee is 50% of the first years savings, even if your savings spans multiple years
  • Cook County townships are reassessed on a triennial basis. Depending on when your township is reassessed, the savings from an appeal may last anywhere from 1-3 years.
  • If an appeal is denied there will be no charge to you

When will I know if my appeal was successful?

  • As soon as a determination letter is issued, you will be sent a copy of the letter outlining the successful reduction in your assessed value and estimated impact on your property tax bill

When do I have to pay for your service?

  • Upon receipt of a successful appeal determination you will be issued an invoice, payable within 30 days
  • Each appeal is handled as its own case and is billed separately and upon receipt of a determination letter

How do I pay for your service?

  • We accept checks or money orders.


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