Property Tax Algorithm

How are we able to affect property tax appeal savings for over 90% of the properties that we work on?

Computer Crime ConceptWe’ve distilled our experience of achieving property tax relief for over 20,000 residential and commercial clients since 1999 into a proprietary algorithm. Our algorithm is regularly adjusted based on an internal, in-depth analysis of thousands of individual valuation and appeal results.

How does the Kensington Research & Recovery property tax algorithm work?

We enter your property information and assessed value into our algorithm and it generates a valuation. These results are then used by our extensively trained and experienced property tax analysts to create a property specific analysis.

What are the results of the algorithm?

The algorithm, combined with our analysis, leads to the maximum property tax reduction possible and a success rate exceeding 90%. If you do not receive a property tax reduction, you pay nothing. There are no up-front costs and, as a result, no risk to you.

You can appeal yourself and, if you select comparable properties well and make a compelling argument, you can possibly save hundreds of dollars. Using our algorithm and experience typically results in over $1,000 of property tax savings in the first year. If you use our property tax appeal service each year, our up-to-date algorithm and best practice analysis will find any and all additional potential savings every year.

We believe no one will help save you more on your property taxes than Kensington Research & Recovery.


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