Board of Review Opens Group 10 2021 Appeals

The Cook County Board of Review has opened 2021 property tax appeals for the tenth group. The Board’s deadline to appeal your 2021 assessed value is May 31, 2022. Below are the townships that are currently open in Group 10:

  • Jefferson
  • Niles
  • Proviso
  • Rich
  • Stickney

Assessments can be appealed every year, regardless of when a township was reassessed. If you missed your appeal opportunity at the Assessor’s office earlier in the year, or if you did appeal and weren’t satisfied with the result, you have a second opportunity to appeal at the Board of Review. Appealing your home’s 2021 assessed value is the only way to achieve property tax relief on your second installment property tax bill in the Autumn of 2022, other than selling your home or claiming a new exemption.

Contact us before the May 31st deadline for a free, no-obligation, and professional analysis of your home’s assessment level compared to similar properties in your neighborhood. We’ll tell you if we don’t think you have a strong case for an appeal. If we feel there is a solid factual-based argument to be made, then you can choose if you would like to hire us to assist you with the appeal. There is no risk in using our service because you pay nothing unless your appeal is successful.

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