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Lake View Township 2019 Assessment Notices Mailed

Lake ViewChicago’s Lake View Township 2019 property assessment notices were mailed by the Cook County Assessor’s office on Monday, April 29th to property owners. The one month window to appeal your 2019 assessed value is now open until the deadline of May 30th.

We recommend homeowners review their assessments annually and appeal each year if there is a strong evidence based argument that their home may not be assessed fairly. Lake View Township was reassessed last year so an appeal this year may result in two years of savings, until Lake View’s next scheduled reassessment in 2021. You have the option to appeal every year at the Assessor’s office and at the Board of Review (the window to appeal at the Board will open in late summer/early autumn). If you’d like a professional opinion on your property’s assessed value as it compares to similar homes in your neighborhood contact us for a free, no obligation, review and analysis of your home.
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Assessor Mails 2017 Reassessment Notices to Berwyn

The Cook County Assessor’s office mailed 2017 triennial reassessment notices for Berwyn Township on Friday April 28th. If you own property in Berwyn Township the month long window to appeal your assessed value at the Assessor’s office is now open with a deadline of May 30th.Berwyn Township

Cook County townships are split into three groups for reassessment purposes. Each group is reassessed every three years by the Assessor’s office. You can find the triennial reassessment schedule here.

Appealing your assessed value in a reassessment year is a great opportunity to lock in multiple years of property tax savings. Contact us and we can provide a free professional analysis on the strength of a potential appeal argument for your property.

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Investor Keeps Taxes Down, Profits Up With Kensington

Investor Keeps Taxes Down Profits UpFor Karl Peterson, residential property investment is a family business. The family buys buildings in need of repair, guts them, rehabs them and then rents them out.

With more than two decades of experience, Peterson has developed a sharp eye for a building’s potential. His pet peeve: “When people don’t do things the right way.”

Shoddy attempts at renovation are just work he’s going to have to redo. “I want it perfect,” he says.

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Chicago-area Property Taxes Take a Bigger Bite than Taxes Almost Anywhere Else

Chicago Property Taxes Take a Bigger BiteThere are a lot of reasons to love living in Chicagoland. But when it comes to property taxes, there are an awful lot of places to love more.

In fact, according to a new report, Chicago area homeowners are paying bigger property tax bills on average, than homeowners in 93%  of 1,414 counties across the rest of the country.

Report Surveys Property Taxes in 6 Chicago Area Counties

The April 2018 report from Attom Data Solutions compared counties with at least 10,000 single-family homes and showed that homeowners in Lake, DuPage, Kane, McHenry, Cook and Will counties had average tax bills higher than 93% to 99% of the counties in the study.

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Keeping Up with the Property Tax Appeal Schedule

Keeping Up with the Property Tax Appeal Schedule

Keeping on top of the deadlines for filing an appeal of your property tax assessment doesn’t seem like it would be an unmanageable task. And maybe it wouldn’t be if that were all you had to keep track of.

There are four key dates every year – not counting the deadline for paying your taxes on time! – the opening and closing date of the window for appealing your assessment to the county assessor’s office and the opening and closing date of the window for filing an appeal with the board of review.

Senior citizens, disabled and returning veterans and new homeowners also have deadlines for applying for exemptions that can reduce their property tax bills. So that’s five or six key dates for potentially saving thousands of dollars in property taxes or avoiding a late fee.
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Bremen Township Assessment Notices Mailed

Bremen township imageAssessment notices were mailed by the Cook County Assessor’s office to Bremen Township property owners on Wednesday, April 25th. If you own property in Bremen Township you have 30 days to appeal your assessment at the Assessor’s office until the deadline of May 25th.

We recommend you review your assessment annually and appeal at the Assessor’s office and the Board of Review whenever you have a strong basis for an appeal argument. This is the best way to ensure you never pay more than your fair share in property taxes. Others also recommend this approach.
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