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Property Tax Breaks and Incentives for Some Leave Others Paying More

Rubber stamp with word exempt inside vector illustrationThe pressures facing taxing authorities in Chicago and in Cook County are unlikely to change any time soon. But paying all the taxes needed to close the budget gaps and meet all of those pension obligations is a constantly shifting process. A tax break in one place means some other place will be expected to make up the difference.

That’s the zero-sum nature of tax collection in an environment where budget cutting isn’t a practical or political option.
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Board of Review Opens Group 4 Townships for Property Tax Appeals

Cook County Property Tax AppealThe Cook County Board of Review has opened the fourth group of townships for 2018 property tax appeals. If your property is located in one of the 4 townships listed below the Board’s deadline to appeal your 2018 assessed value is November 13th.

  • Leyden
  • Worth
  • Hyde Park
  • Lake View

Each year homeowners have an opportunity to appeal their property’s assessment at the Assessor’s office and at the Board of Review. You do not need to have filed an appeal at the Assessor’s office in order to file an appeal at the Board of Review. In addition, even if you appealed successfully at the Assessor’s office you still have an opportunity to file a second appeal for tax year 2018 at the Board of Review. Appealing at the Board may result in additional savings.
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