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2018 Assessment Notices Mailed for Riverside Township

RiversideRiverside Township assessment notices for 2018 have been mailed. The 30 day window to appeal your assessed value at the Assessor’s office is now open through the deadline of March 2nd.

You may appeal your assessment each year, regardless of when your township was last re-assessed (Riverside was re-assessed in 2017). In fact, it is our opinion that you should at least review, if not appeal, your assessment annually due to regular changes in the housing market (others have also made this recommendation).
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Cook County Assessor’s Office Opens 2015 Property Tax Appeal Session

The Cook County Assessor’s Office has announced that 2015 assessment notices were mailed on January 30, 2015, for the following townships:

  • Norwood Park
  • River Forest
  • Riverside

The deadline to file an appeal is March 3, 2015.

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Rogers Park Township 2017 Assessment Notices Mailed

The Cook County Assessor’s Office has mailed assessment notices for Rogers Park Township. The 30 day window to appeal assessments is now open and the deadline to file a 2017 property tax appeal at the Cook County Assessor’s Office is March 1, 2017.cook seal v2

Rogers Park Township is located in the city triennial section and the next scheduled reassessment year is 2018. However, appealing your assessment can be done in every tax year, including non-reassessment years.

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Protect Your Investment with Kensington Mortgage Brokerage Services

For most people, a house is likely the most important investment they will ever make, in multiple senses of the word. It’s where you put down roots, raise a family, celebrate with the people you love. It can also be a source of wealth building and financial security.

That’s why it’s so important to protect your investment. That might mean making necessary repairs or improvements. It can also mean not paying more than you should for in interest or mortgage fees.

A small change in your mortgage interest rate can cost you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.
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Cook County Senior Exemption Deadline: February 3, 2016

Cook County Senior Property Tax ExemptionsAttention all seniors in Cook County: the deadline for applying and re-applying for both the Senior Citizen Exemption and the Senior Freeze Exemption is February 3, 2016.

Not doing so will result in the loss of the exemption applied to your 2016 second installment property tax bills that you will receive this summer. Even if you have had one or both of these exemptions previously, you must now re-apply every year.

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Cook County Senior Citizen Property Tax Exemption Deadline: March 1

Cook County Senior Citizen Property Tax Exemption DeadlineTo claim the senior citizen property tax exemption in Cook County, you must apply by March 1 – even if you’ve applied before.

All senior citizens must apply every year with the Cook County Assessor’s Office to qualify for the exemption.

What Is the Senior Citizen Exemption?

If you will be 65 or older this year, then you may qualify for the senior citizen exemption, which provides tax relief by reducing the equalized valuation of an eligible residence. Exemptions will appear as a deduction on the second installment of your property tax bill that is mailed out each summer.

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Cook County Property Taxes in 2017: What to Expect

Cook County Property Taxes 2017With Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s property tax hikes consistently in the news, especially as Chicago Public Schools budget shortfall of $215 million and continued unfunded pension liabilities for city police officers, firefighters and teachers remain unsolved issues, here’s what to expect to see in your 2017 property taxes if you live in Cook County.

First Installment

Regardless of what happened the year before, your first property tax installment is always 55% of the total property taxes you paid the year before. First installment bills are usually received by homeowners in March.

Second Installment

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Property Tax Proposals Meet with Chilly Reception

Property Tax Balance A mayoral candidate’s idea for a tiered system of property tax rates that would tax higher-priced homes at higher rates was short-lived.

Another idea to establish a statewide property tax to help pay off pension obligations was decisively rejected by suburban voters in November before it was ever even formally proposed. The referendum was seen as a way to discourage any attempts to introduce such a proposal – based on an idea from three Federal Reserve of Chicago economists reported earlier this year.

The chilly reception in both cases illustrates the hurdles around proposals that have the potential to raise property tax rates, especially in an election year, and especially in areas like Chicago, where property owners are still absorbing the sting of four years of phased-in property tax hikes.
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Fixed Income Property Tax Reductions

Fixed Income Property Tax ReductionIf you’re living on a fixed income, you’re probably even more concerned about Rahm Emanuel’s $588 million property tax hike than the average homeowner – and rightfully so, but you don’t have to be.

Just as property taxes are not a fixed cost, they can actually be reduced – possibly by as much or more than they are expected to increase for you.

Did you get that?
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