Chicago Public Schools Budget includes $130 Million in Added Property Tax Revenues

Listening Tour A Chance to Question Cook County Assessor

The Chicago Public School’s proposed budget for 2021 includes $3.2 billion in property tax revenue, a $130 million increase from last year, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The district’s property tax bite is an increase of 2.3%, the maximum allowed under the state’s tax cap law, which limits property tax hikes to the lower of 5% or the rate of inflation.

The proposed $8.4 billion budget, which also includes an anticipated infusion of federal assistance, will increase spending by more than half a billion dollars, the Tribune reports.

COVID-19 Adjustment will not Affect 2020 Levy

Schools typically take the biggest share of property tax revenues. In the suburbs, as much as 70% of the tax revenues can go to school budgets. For example, in the Village of Niles, the school district received 33.68 percent of tax revenues and the high school received 36.73 percent of revenues for the tax year 2019, according to a report by the Cook County Clerk.

Meanwhile, the Cook County Assessor’s intention to apply a COVID-19 downward adjustment to all properties for the tax year 2020 will not affect any levy. The result of across the board COVID-19 adjustments will likely be increased tax rates to cover the 2020 levy which has already been finalized.

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