Cook County Senior Citizen Property Tax Exemption Deadline: March 1

Cook County Senior Citizen Property Tax Exemption DeadlineTo claim the senior citizen property tax exemption in Cook County, you must apply by March 1 – even if you’ve applied before.

All senior citizens must apply every year with the Cook County Assessor’s Office to qualify for the exemption.

What Is the Senior Citizen Exemption?

If you will be 65 or older this year, then you may qualify for the senior citizen exemption, which provides tax relief by reducing the equalized valuation of an eligible residence. Exemptions will appear as a deduction on the second installment of your property tax bill that is mailed out each summer.

Specific qualifications – you must meet all of this criteria to obtain the senior citizen exemption:

  • You were born prior to or in the year 1951
  • You’ve owned the property during 2016 or have a lease or contract for 2016 (which makes you responsible for the real estate taxes)
  • You’ve used the property as a principal place of residence in 2016

How to Apply

On January 10, the Cook County Assessor’s Office mailed out senior citizen exemptions. Simply fill it out and mail it in prior to March 1.

If you did not receive the application or need another one, simply download the Homeowner Exemption and/or Senior Citizen Exemption Combined Application form here.

Another Way to Reduce Your Property Taxes

Appealing your property taxes, both at the Cook County Assessor and the Board of Review, (every year), is the only way in addition to claiming exemptions that can further reduce your property tax payments for years to come. We have a success rate over 90% and we’ve saved many Cook County homeowners thousands.

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