West Suburban Homeowners Feel Property Tax Pinch

West Suburban Homeowners Feel Property Tax PinchAn analysis of effective property tax rates in 35 communities in Chicago’s West Suburbs shows homeowners there paying property tax rates significantly higher than the national average.

In Maywood, property owners paid an effective property tax rate of 3.96% according to an analysis of real estate sales data compiled by the Local Government Information Service, which publishes West Cook News. The rate, based on a median home price of $125,000, was more than three times the national effective rate of 1.19%.

The effective tax rate is a measure of the median tax paid as a percentage of the median home price.  Other West Suburban neighborhoods are feeling the pinch as well, from Elmwood Park, where the median property tax rate was 2.15%, to Oak Park where the effective tax rate was nearly 3%. After Maywood, Countryside and River Grove paid the next highest effective property tax rates at 3.2% and 3.19%, respectively, the newspaper reported.

Illinois Property Owners Pay Second Highest Tax Rate in the Country

While some neighborhoods have it worse than others, the data is consistent with effective property tax rates statewide. Illinois property owners pay the second-highest property tax rate in the country with an effective median rate of 2.32%. Only in New Jersey do property taxes take a bigger bite.  Meanwhile, to the east, Indiana property owners pay an effective median rate of just 0.89 percent.

You can find the full list of West Suburban tax rates here.

Don’t Pay More than Your Fair Share of Property Taxes

A home is the single largest investment most people will ever make. If you’re facing taxes based on an inflated value of your property, your investment takes the hit year after year after year.

After you have applied for all of the exemptions for which your home is eligible, appealing your property’s assessed value is the only way to be sure you are not paying too much.

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