Why Appeal Your Cook County Property Taxes?

Why to Appeal you Property Tax with KensingtonThe primary reason to appeal your Cook County property taxes is to ensure that you are paying no more than your fair share. Those who successfully appeal their property taxes save money, typically in the hundreds and sometimes thousands.

Important Note: savings realized from successful appeals do not lessen the overall tax revenue the county needs to generate. It simply shifts the additional burden to those that do not appeal their property taxes. Thus, if you aren’t appealing and your neighbors are, then you are paying more than your fair share.

How to Appeal Your Cook County Property Tax Bill

Appeals can be made through the County Assessor, the Board of Review, the Property Tax Appeal Board, or the Circuit Court. Common methods for appealing include:

  • Lack of Uniformity
  • Market Approach
  • Recent Purchase Price
  • Income Approach

This can be a time-consuming, frustrating and often unsuccessful process if you don’t have prior experience doing it. We’ve appealed thousands of property tax assessments and have saved millions for property owners just like you.


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