Cook County Assessor Extends Deadline for 9 Townships

May 1stThe Cook County Assessor’s Office has extended the deadline for 2020 property tax appeals for nine Townships. The Assessor’s deadline to appeal your 2020 assessed value is now May 1st for the following townships:

  • Evanston
  • Norwood Park
  • Rogers Park
  • New Trier
  • Barrington
  • River Forest
  • Riverside
  • Oak Park
  • Palos

We recommend property owners review their assessments annually and appeal whenever there is a strong evidence based argument that your home may not be assessed fairly. Barrington, New Trier, Norwood Park, and Evanston Townships were reassessed in 2019 but even if you appealed last year you may appeal your assessment again this year. A successful appeal in 2020 may result in two years of savings, until Barrington, New Trier, Norwood Park, and Evanston are reassessed in 2022. Rogers Park Township’s next triennial reassessment is scheduled for 2021. River Forest, Riverside, Oak Park, and Palos triennial reassessments occurred between February and March of this year. Any savings received in 2020 for River Forest, Riverside, Oak Park, and Palos will last for 3 years, until the next triennial reassessment in 2023. The best way to ensure you never pay more than your fair share in property taxes is to review your assessment every year and appeal whenever you have a strong basis for an appeal argument, no matter where your township is at in the triennial reassessment cycle.

Contact us by the May 1st deadline for a free, no obligation, professional analysis of your home’s assessment level in comparison to similar properties in your neighborhood. If we don’t think you have a strong case for an appeal, we’ll tell you. If we feel there is a strong factual based argument to be made then you can choose if you would like to hire us to assist you with the appeal. There is no risk in using our service because you pay nothing unless your appeal is successful.

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