Kensington Volunteers at the Inspiration Cafe

Inspiration Cafe & Kensington Team 2016Last month, the Kensington Research & Recovery team took a break from reducing property taxes for our Cook County homeowners to volunteer at the Inspiration Café in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood.

This was our third year in a row and it was just as rewarding as in previous years.

An Inspiration

The Inspiration Café is located at 4554 N. Broadway. Administered by the Inspiration Corporation, the café is one of many services offered to the homeless. The Café provides meals to its programs’ participants, treating them with dignity and respect, while they order from a menu and enjoy their meal in a clean, inviting setting.

The Volunteer Experience

Volunteers serve meals that they help prepare, from food prep to clean-up. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

Geoff: “This was my second time volunteering at the Inspiration Café, and it was just as fun and rewarding as the first time. The people were a blast to be around, and I really got to hone my chops as a semi-professional volunteer kitchen service apprentice.”

Frank: “Not only was it a rewarding experience from a charitable perspective, it was a great opportunity to get to know my Kensington coworkers outside our normal work setting. I look forward to next year’s volunteer activity.”

You can see more of our photos here.

Inspiration Cafe

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