Palatine Township 2024 Assessments Mailed

The Cook County Assessor’s office has mailed 2024 property assessment notices for Palatine Homeowners. You have until August 07, 2024, to challenge your assessment.

Why Challenge Your Assessment?

Regularly reviewing your property assessment is crucial to ensuring fair property taxes. Waiting until your property is reassessed in 2025 means potentially paying more than your fair share for another year. You can appeal your assessment annually to align it with market changes.

At Kensington, we specialize in providing Cook County homeowners with a free analysis of their assessments compared to similar properties. Our proven process has helped over 35,000 property owners save millions in taxes.

Take Action Today

Contact Kensington before August 07, 2024, for a free property tax reduction estimate. Our team understands the local market dynamics and is committed to delivering superior service.

Get Your Free Property Tax Reduction Estimate

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