Assessment Notices Mailed to Niles Township

NilesAssessment notices were mailed to Niles Township homeowners on Tuesday, August 28th. Niles Township homeowners now have 30 days to appeal their assessment at the Assessor’s office until the deadline of Friday, September 28th.

The following suburbs are located in Niles Township: Glenview, Golf, Lincolnwood, Morton Grove (east ¾), Niles (southeast half), and Skokie.

The only way to ensure you never pay more than your fair share in property taxes is to review your home’s assessment every year and file an appeal whenever there is a strong factual argument to be made, no matter which year your township is at in the triennial reassessment cycle. We are not the only ones who recommend this approach.

We offer a free, no-obligation, estimate of potential property tax savings. Reach out to us before the deadline of September 28th and we would be happy to provide you with our professional opinion about your property’s assessment in comparison to similar homes in your area and whether or not we recommend an appeal this year.

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