Cicero Township 2021 Assessment Notices Mailed

The Assessor’s Office has mailed 2021 assessment notices to Cicero property owners. You may appeal your assessment each year during the 30 day window which is now open and will close on July 9th.

Cook County reassesses properties triennially through a mass appraisal system. Cicero was last reassessed in 2020 and if you appealed and were successful on your 2020 tax year appeal you will see those savings this summer on your 2nd installment property tax bill (the 1st installment bill you recently received is always 55% of the previous year’s total tax).

The conventional wisdom may be to appeal it once every few years but to do so may be a big mistake, and could end up costing you a lot of money. Ask yourself this, do home values in the Chicago metro area stay the same for three years? Of course not. They change every month which is why we believe it is in your interest to review, if not appeal, your assessment annually. We are not alone in our thinking, others have also made this recommendation.

If you would like assistance in reviewing your property’s assessed value and a free professional opinion on whether or not an appeal makes sense for you this year contact us by the July 9th deadline.

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