Property Tax Appeal Expertise that Adds Up


When it comes to finding the right property tax appeal service, expertise can make all the difference.

One former Kensington client learned that all too well.

The client owned a home in Lake View Township valued at $1.3 million. Over a four-year period beginning in 2014, we used our proprietary algorithm and a team of experienced analysts to help the homeowner make the strongest possible case for reducing the assessed value of their home.

The result was property tax savings of $16,475.80 over four years – an average of $4,118.95 per year.

But when an acquaintance referred the homeowner to one of our competitors in 2018, the client decided to give the new company a try. The competitor managed to achieve savings of about $500. Spread out over the next three years, the reduction in their assessment will yield roughly $166 in savings per year.

While there’s no way to guarantee the outcome of any appeal, there are plenty of ways to leave money on the table if your property tax appeal partner does not have a diligent and data-based process for making the best analysis.

Experienced Property Tax Appeal Help Can Save You More

Choosing (or switching) a property tax appeal service is not a decision you should make lightly. At Kensington our success rate is the result of deep expertise and a diligent process that ensures that our clients’ appeals are built on solid data and the right properties for comparison. We also commit to assisting with appeals twice each year if needed, to ensure that our clients’ assessments are reconsidered against any new data available when the Board of Review opens up for a second round of appeals later in the year.

We update our property database multiple times a year so that our algorithm is always pulling from the most up-to-date information available.

This process, along with the experience of our staff, leaves our clients positioned to win the deepest possible reductions to their assessments.

Our Property Tax Appeal System Has a Success Rate of over 90%

That’s the reason we have a better than 90% success rate coordinating more than 35,000 residential tax assessment appeals in Cook County alone. We’ve helped homeowners, condominium associations, investors, property managers and commercial property owners save hundreds of thousands of dollars on their property tax bills. That’s a lot of happy clients.

Most clients can reduce their property tax bills by at least $1,000 within the first year. Our estimates are free and our clients pay nothing unless we are successful in helping them achieve significant savings.

Learn more about how we can help you protect the value of your home by ensuring you are not paying too much in property taxes. Call us or click on the link below for a free estimate of how much you could save.


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