Property Taxes Got You Down? Do What the Politicians Do…

Chicago Aldermen Appeal Cook County Property TaxesJust in the past year, Rahm Emanuel has increased property taxes by an ulcer-inducing $838 million – and there are still massive budget deficits that need to be plugged sooner than later beyond these increases. What can you do for relief?

Simply put, do what the politicians do: appeal your property taxes. Some may think this is evidence of corruption but it’s not: it’s 100% legal, and it works.

Read on to find out why it’s time to stop paying more than your fair share by taking a page from The Machine’s playbook.

Aldermen Property Tax Reductions

Whether they voted for Emanuel’s massive property tax hikes or not, every alderman has the right to appeal, just like you do. According to a recent article in the Chicago Sun-Times, 18 of Chicago’s 50 aldermen appealed their property taxes in the last year, including Alderman Patrick O’Connor, the City Council floor leader who was instrumental in passing Chicago’s recent, huge property tax increase.

Here’s a listing of which aldermen appealed and how much their property taxes were reduced:

  • Sophia King (4th ward): $3,952
  • Roberto Maldonado (26th ward): $2,079
  • Brendan Reilly (42nd ward): $1,246
  • Michele Smith (43rd ward): $1,165
  • Harry Osterman (48th ward): $1,152
  • Jason Ervin (28th ward): $1,024
  • Patrick O’Connor (40th ward): $904
  • Milly Santiago (31st ward): $864
  • Gilbert Villegas (36th ward): $851
  • Scott Waguespack (32nd ward): $835
  • James Cappleman (46th ward) $812
  • Deborah Mell (33rd ward): $650
  • Deborah Silverstein (50th ward): $619
  • John Arena (45th ward): $579
  • Brian Hopkins (2nd ward): $475
  • Anthony Napolitano (41st ward): $458
  • Tom Tunney (44th ward): $448
  • Nicholas Sposato (38th ward): $377
  • David Moore (17th ward): $4

What Are You Waiting For?

Other than claiming all applicable exemptions, appealing your property taxes is the only legal remedy for reducing your property taxes: both at the Cook County Assessor and the Board of Review, every year.

It’s worth it to appeal your property taxes if we estimate that your reduction would be significant, which is why we offer a free property tax reduction estimate: if your estimated savings is higher than Patrick O’Connor’s, then we recommend you appeal.

Get your free property tax reduction estimate

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