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Lake Township 2017 Assessment Notices Mailed

The Cook County Assessor’s office mailed assessment notices for Lake Township on September 1st. The deadline to appeal your 2017 assessment at the Assessor’s office is October 2nd.Cook County Property Tax Appeal

Lake Township is in the City of Chicago district which was reassessed in 2015. The next triennial reassessment for Lake Township will be in 2018. Therefore, a successful appeal of your assessed value in 2017 will result in one year of savings, until you are next reassessed in 2018.

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Cook County Board of Review Announces 5 More Townships Open for 2016 Property Tax Appeals

The Cook County Board of Review has announced that 5 more townships opened on 10/17/16 for 2016 property tax appeals. The deadline to file an appeal is 11/15/16 for the following townships:Cook County Property Tax Appeal

  • Elk Grove
  • Lyons
  • Norwood Park
  • Stickney
  • Lake

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Chicago Property Taxes: Homeowner Double Whammy

Cook County Property Tax Double Whammy

Crain’s recently covered how Rahm Emmanuel’s $588 million property tax hike, which passed the Chicago City Council on October 28, is a double whammy for commercial property owners because it comes at a time when property values are rising and Cook County is re-assessing.

The same holds true for Chicago homeowners because of rising home values and all city of Chicago townships are being re-assessed this year.

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