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Board of Review Opens Group 7 Townships for Appeals

The Cook County Board of Review has opened Group 7 townships for 2017 property tax appeals. If your home is located in one of the townships listed below you have until the deadline of January 16th to appeal your 2017 assessment at the Board of Review.Cook County Property Tax Appeal

  • Northfield
  • Thornton
  • Hyde Park
  • Lake
  • North Chicago
  • South Chicago

If you do not know which township your property is located in you can either contact us with your property address and we will look it up for you or you can click here.
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North Chicago 2017 Assessment Notices Mailed

North Chicago Township assessment notices for 2017 have been mailed. The 30 day window to appeal your assessed value at the Assessor’s office is now open through the deadline of October 13th.cook seal v2

North Chicago Township was last reassessed in 2015 and is next scheduled to be reassessed in 2018. You may appeal your assessment each year, regardless of when your township has been or will be reassessed. In fact, it is our opinion that you should at least review, if not appeal, your assessment annually due to regular changes in the housing market (others have also made this recommendation).

Contact us before the October 13th deadline and we are happy to review your property’s assessed value and provide you with our free professional opinion on property’s assessment level in comparison to others.

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Cook County Board of Review Announces Group 7 Appeal Window Has Opened

The Cook County Board of Review has announced that 5 more townships opened for 2016 property tax appeals. The 30 day appeal window for the townships listed below is December 19th through January 17th.near north

  • Hanover
  • Northfield
  • North Chicago
  • South Chicago
  • West Chicago

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