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What Is My Home’s Assessed Value in Cook County?

Cook County Illinois Property Tax Portal Logo | Kensington Property Tax AppealsIf you’d like to know how much Cook County thinks your property is worth, which is what they use to calculate your property tax bill, just follow these steps:

  • Go to the Cook County Illinois Property Tax Portal here
  • Enter your 14-digit property index number (PIN)
  • If you don’t know your PIN, you can also enter your address
  • Click on your property on the search results page
  • Note the “Estimated Property Value” listed towards the top right of the results page
  • Click the “Tax Calculator” icon and link to see what you potentially owe the county
  • You can see historical values by clicking the “Assessed Value History” button

How Can I Reduce My Property Tax Bill?

If you’d like to pay 100% of the amount calculated here, be our guest.

If you’re a homeowner and you haven’t appealed your property taxes yet this year, you could potentially save hundreds or thousands with our residential property tax appeal service.


How Are Property Taxes Assessed in Cook County?

Cook County Property Tax Assessment Calculator | KensingtonCook County’s property tax system is complicated:

  • The value of a home in Cook County is determined by the Assessor’s mass appraisal system of sales information of similar homes in the area
  • Residential property in Cook County is assessed at 10% of its estimated market value, so if your property has an estimated market value of $300,000 then its assessed value would be $30,000
  • State statutes require equalization of assessed value so that all residential property is assessed at 33.33% of market value
  • Commercial and industrial properties in Cook County are assessed at different percentages than residential properties

Example Property Tax Bill

The following is an estimated residential tax bill example based on Cook County tax rates in 2014:

Estimated Market $300,000
Value Assessment Level (10%)
x .10
Proposed Assessed Valuation $30,000
2013 State Equalizer
x 2.6621
Equalized Assessed Value $79,863
Homeowner Exemption
– $7,000
Adjusted Equalized Value $72,863
Sample Tax Rate (your tax rate could vary)
x .10
Estimated Tax Bill $7,286.30