Last Chance to Appeal Your Cook County Property Taxes for 2015

Cook County Property Tax Appeal

Give yourself a holiday gift in the form of a property tax reduction that can amount to hundreds or thousands per year, every year.

You still have time to appeal your property tax assessment if you live in one of the Cook County townships listed below – even if you’ve already appealed at the Cook County Assessor’s Office. However, the Board of Review windows are about to close for good for 2015.

If you live in the City of Chicago, this is your best chance to reduce the financial impact of Rahm Emanuel’s $588 million property tax increase!

  • Bloom: Late December
  • Hanover: Mid-December
  • Jefferson: Mid-December (City of Chicago)
  • Niles: Late December
  • North Chicago: Late December (City of Chicago)
  • Northfield: Mid-December
  • Rich: Mid-December
  • Schaumburg: Mid-December
  • South Chicago: Late December (City of Chicago)
  • Thornton: Mid-December
  • West Chicago: Mid-December (City of Chicago)

Whether you have appealed at the Cook County Assessor’s Office this year, in the past or with the Cook County Board of Review in the past, there is a good chance you can get an additional property tax reduction – especially if you’re in the last or first year of the triennial period for your township.

Not Sure?

It’s understandable to have doubts as there are people out there offering a similar service without the 16 years of experience we have and the track record of reducing property taxes for over 10,000 homeowners and condo owners just like you. You can appeal online with the Board of Review, but you may be leaving at least hundreds in savings on the table.

We provide a free, no-obligation tax appeal estimate. If we don’t think your property taxes can be reduced then we’ll save time for us both, and you pay nothing.

Contact us to get your free Cook County property tax reduction estimate today

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