Deadline Nearing for Riverside & River Forest Homeowner Property Tax Reductions

Riverside & River Forest Property Tax AppealsThe window to appeal your property taxes with the Cook County Assessor is now open for homeowners in Riverside and River Forest. Riverside homeowners have until March 7 to appeal while River Forest homeowners have until March 8.

What Homeowners Like You Saved in 2018

Below is a small sampling of how much we helped save Riverside and River Forest homeowners in 2018 – savings that range from $2,461 to $7,252 over two years:

Township Property
SQFT Initial
(year 1)
EST. Tax
(YEARS 1&2)*
Riverside 2 Story, Single Family 2,145 $45,720 $38,999 $2,275 $4,550
Riverside 1 Story, Single Family 1,068 $28,438 $24,622 $1,306 $2,613
Riverside 1 Story, Single Family 1,270 $28,190 $24,583 $1,231 $2,461
Riverside 2 Story, Single Family 1,479 $36,352 $30,847 $1,820 $3,639
River Forest 2 Story, Single Family 2,815 $64,759 $57,488 $2,213 $4,426
River Forest 2 Story, Single Family 2,672 $63,339 $55,937 $2,168 $4,335
River Forest 2 Story, Single Family 3,082 $71,861 $67,423 $1,375 $2,750
River Forest 2 Story, Single Family 5,030 $111,854 $99,471 $3,626 $7,252

* Riverside and River Forest will be re-assessed in 2020 as per the Cook County triennial schedule


If you don’t appeal your assessment, you may be paying thousands of dollars more than you should in property taxes, year after year, diluting the value of what may be the most important investment you will ever make.

One Riverside homeowner who used Kensington and saw her tax bill shrink by $2,800 this year said Kensington’s efforts produced at least $1,100 more in savings than if she had appealed on her own.

“In the past, we had filed do-it-yourself appeals, but it was time consuming and it never resulted in a savings as large as what Kensington was able to produce,” she said. “Kensington helped appeal twice – even after winning a reduction with the assessor’s office, they assisted with a second appeal to the Board of Review and our assessment was reduced even more. We had never done that. It was enough trouble just to keep up with the deadlines for one appeal – and some years, we didn’t. Kensington’s process could not have been any easier.”

It’s Time to Appeal Your Property Taxes

Protect your investment by making sure you are not paying more than your fair share in property taxes. Contact us for a free, no obligation property tax appeal estimate to see what your estimated property tax savings can be.


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