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How to Appeal Your Property Taxes: 3 Approaches

 How to Appeal Your Cook County Property TaxesIf you feel like you’re paying too much in property taxes – and who doesn’t – you can submit a property tax appeal to the assessor’s office and, in the case of Cook County, also to the Board of Review.

If you have the time and are effective, you may get a reduction to your assessed value which will reduce your property’s future property tax bills. To do so, you need to prove that your property is worth less than the value set by the assessor. The following are three approaches to proving a case in Cook County.
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Do-It-Yourself Property Tax Appeals: Don’t

DIY Property Tax AppealWe’ve previously covered how you can appeal your own Cook County property taxes on a do-it-yourself (DIY) basis. We’ve also covered why this approach could result in your leaving money on the table and why using online services may not be much better.

This blog explains why you might leave money on the table in more detail, and why it’s important to at least consider working with an experienced partner like Kensington to appeal your property taxes and to get a reduction ranging from $2,700 to $46,000 over the triennial period.
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Why Appeal Your Property Taxes Every Year

Why Appeal Cook County & Chicago Property Taxes Every YearThe conventional wisdom is to appeal your Cook County property taxes once and be done with it.

Even better: some make sure they appeal after the county has re-assessed property taxes every three years based on their triennial schedule (1/3 of all 38 Cook County townships are re-assessed each year).

Even better yet is to appeal every year – or to at least have Kensington run a free, no-obligation property tax appeal estimate to see how much savings may be achieved and if it’s worth the effort. Here’s why this makes sense.
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Why Have a Pro Review Your Property Tax Assessment

Why Have a Pro Appeal Your Property TaxesAs always, Cook County property taxes are on the rise and the only way to combat that dreaded second installment tax bill is by lowering your property tax assessment.

In a perfect world, you’d have time to handle the stress of the job, family responsibilities and right on time drop off an expertly formulated argument for a reduction in total assessment without breaking a sweat.

The only problem: we don’t live in a perfect world and everyday demands come before we consider our property tax bills, until July first rolls around and it’s too late by then. Now you can get rid of the hassle and the frustration of this process by hiring a company to handle this annoying but necessary task.

Don’t Pay More than You Have To

Having a professional company review your property tax assessment annually is your best bet to ensure that you’re fairly assessed and aren’t paying more in property taxes than you have to.

When looking for a professional company to hire, consider:

  • How long they’ve been in business
  • Their success rate
  • Their reputation

Professionals with years of expertise will know the best strategy to use when appealing your property taxes and what exemptions you should be aware of for even more savings on the second installment.

No Risk

If you’re not sure whether there’s an argument to make for appealing your property tax assessment, it won’t cost you anything for most professionals to perform an analysis on your home or any additional properties you may own because they work on contingency.

All it takes is a few minutes to fill in some basic information and within 24 hours they will contact you with the results of our analysis. If there is an argument to be made, and you’re interested in using us, our property tax appeal service will appeal on your behalf on a contingency basis: no costs up front.

Avoid Wasting Time

Kensington is in the business of successfully appealing property tax assessments with special expertise in Cook County. We handle the paperwork and manage the deadlines so you don’t have to. No one wants to spend their precious free time tracking appeal deadline dates, finding comparable properties or “comps,” or waiting around in county offices.

Because property tax assessments and policies change annually, let a professional at least review your total assessment every year. Click on the link at the bottom for a free analysis from a company who is in the business of making sure you’re not paying more in property taxes than you have to and who wants to keep your free time free for what is really important to you.

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