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Hyde Park Triennial Reassessment Notices Mailed

Hyde ParkHyde Park triennial reassessment notices were mailed on Tuesday, June 19th by the Cook County Assessor’s office. Hyde Park valuation statistics from the Assessor’s office can be found here. Homeowners in Hyde Park have 30 days to appeal their assessment at the Assessor’s office (there is also a second opportunity later in the year at the Board of Review). The deadline for appealing your assessment at the Assessor’s office is Thursday, July 19th.

We recommend reviewing your assessment annually, especially in a reassessment year, to ensure you do not pay more than your fair share in property taxes. If you believe your assessment is not in line with that of comparable homes you should consider appealing (if you would like a free second opinion contact us). Successfully appealing in a reassessment year may provide 3 years of savings on your future property tax bills. The amount of success you achieve on your property tax appeal depends on the strength of your appeal argument.
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Board of Review Opens Group 7 Townships for Appeals

The Cook County Board of Review has opened Group 7 townships for 2017 property tax appeals. If your home is located in one of the townships listed below you have until the deadline of January 16th to appeal your 2017 assessment at the Board of Review.Cook County Property Tax Appeal

  • Northfield
  • Thornton
  • Hyde Park
  • Lake
  • North Chicago
  • South Chicago

If you do not know which township your property is located in you can either contact us with your property address and we will look it up for you or you can click here.
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Assessment Notices Mailed for Hyde Park Township

Hyde Park Township assessment notices have been mailed by the Cook County Assessor’s office. August 21st is the deadline for filing a property tax appeal at the Assessor’s office.cook seal v2

Townships in Cook County are divided into three groups for reassessment purposes. Hyde Park Township is in the City of Chicago group which was reassessed in 2015. An appeal in 2017 will result in one year of savings, until Hyde Park is next reassessed in 2018.

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Chicago Property Taxes: Homeowner Double Whammy

Cook County Property Tax Double Whammy

Crain’s recently covered how Rahm Emmanuel’s $588 million property tax hike, which passed the Chicago City Council on October 28, is a double whammy for commercial property owners because it comes at a time when property values are rising and Cook County is re-assessing.

The same holds true for Chicago homeowners because of rising home values and all city of Chicago townships are being re-assessed this year.

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Board of Review Announces 6 More Townships will open for 2015 Property Tax Appeals

Cook County Property Tax Appeal

The Cook County Board of Review has announced that 6 more townships will open on 11/9/15 for 2015 property tax appeals. The deadline to file a complaint is 12/8/15 for the following townships:

  • Hyde Park
  • Leyden
  • Orland
  • Proviso
  • Wheeling
  • Worth

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